Success Stories

Testimonies of the "seeing"

"We heard we were going to have creative thinking classes every week. At that stage I did not know what it meant and when I asked, I was told we are going to learn to draw.

I realized it was totally different from what we do in our daily jobs. From the first class our instructor captured our attention and we were drawn into a new world of using our creative brains. At first it was a bit difficult to see things from a different angle but as the classes progressed it got easier to see the negative shapes of all creation. The whole picture.

I could not wait for every week to pass so we could have that time of being in the moment. All worries and stress disappeared.

In between classes I realized I was looking at all things differently and it became evident that one could solve any problem by looking at it from a different angle and perspective. We have also learnt to see the whole picture from the beginning.

I realized then that each and every person in any job will benefit from this training. It brings balance to our personal and professional lives. Our tutor made this extra special. She has a natural gift to teach with passion, interest and love for people. Each one of us felt special and capable in achieving an amazing creation after each class.

I definitely recommend this training for every business."

Business and Systems Analyst ~ Estelle Louw ~

"The commencement of this course certainly exposed a whole new world to me... not only in terms of creative techniques but Pencil Proof has the unique ability of individualising its application to you and your own life experiences... this training also allows you to do a lot of introspection and benefit as an individual and ultimately in your life as a whole.

Thank you for providing me with this opportunity. My recommendation is that if you do not consider getting involved with this, you certainly may lose out to hidden opportunities."

Procurement Manager ~ Tyronne du Plessis ~

"The course taught me a way of thinking or problem solving that has helped me in many projects. A way to think outside the box when confronted with a problem, to use creativity in order to get to the best possible solution.

To this day I still use the concepts that I learned in those classes in my everyday work, and do the sketching in order to practice my creative thinking. It was an invaluable experience I would recommend to anybody."

Senior Software Developer ~ Evegeny Stoychev ~

"This course has truly changed my life. A course that will stretch your mind and your thinking. Life changing!"

Landscaper ~ Percy Hunter ~