The Vision

"I have always had a keen interest in how the brain distinguishes between logical and creative processes. Because of my background as a software developer for over twenty years, and the fact that I have simultaneously been an accomplished artist who have sold in excess of 300 commissioned paintings and drawings, I often took it for granted that this process is an automatic switch between pure logical thought processes and lateral thinking processes.

Throughout the years of interacting with both sides of the spectrum - logical thinkers like scientists and mathematicians as well as artists who seem to be "born" with this creative ability - I have come to the realisation that the switch is not as self-evident as I thought.

20 years ago, I started doing some research in the way people see things. I met with numerous people across a broad variety of skill sets and it became clear to me that there is something else happening in the mind when switching from logical thinking processes to a more lateral approach in problem solving. A vision was born! I started experimenting by using drawing as a medium and developed a training course with the purpose of using this method as a medium to also empower and enlighten others in their lateral thinking processes.

The results were amazing! Students who battled with mathematics suddenly excelled. Students who deemed themselves as seriously non-creative started producing exhibition quality art pieces. Suddenly, the conventional thought processes with which we are being bombarded through most of our educational systems, were not limiting any more. Students started learning to look beyond seemingly logical patterns, unlocking the creative potential within themselves and developed skills that changed the way they see and face the world around them.

Today, I know for sure, nothing seems impossible. I have composed and produced four full length musicals, written training manuals on a wide variety of topics, and excelled as a computer programmer. Finding the full capacity within oneself is a reward in itself. It has become my greatest passion to equip and uplift other students seeking that same fulfilment!"

~ Elma Ferreira ~