Four Fantastic Workshops

  • Each workshop is 4 hours long and aimed at both inexperienced students as well as those who have already completed the basic course
  • No previous drawing experience is required
  • This is suitable for anyone from 10 years to 100 years
  • See pricing details and course times under Courses

Team building Workshop

  • Join the big league battalion. Two heads are better than one
  • Develop team building skills that work in any team anywhere
  • Get to know yourself and your team for better collaboration
  • Take advantage of your team’s unique strengths and creative skills

Strategic Planning Workshop

  • Use the correct map
  • Understand the detail of where you are and chart new ways to accomplish your goals
  • Find the white spaces of opportunity
  • Get around traditional roles and job descriptions

Creative Problem Solving Workshop

  • Sharpen your thinking
  • Develop a sharp eye for detail and learn to see and think beyond the obvious
  • Understand the framework within which challenges take place
  • Approach challenges from different perspectives with confidence for more effective solutions

Relaxation Workshop

  • Liberate your conventional thinking processes
  • Unleash your inner potential in a fun, free environment
  • Experience the relaxation that comes from letting go of what you know
  • Surprise yourself with what you are capable of accomplishing